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So You Want to Be a Captain? – Putting Your License to Work

Source: Mariners Learning System, By Captain Bob Figular

Each day, many people rely on a ferry service to get to their jobs and homes. For example, the Staten Island Ferry transports over twenty million people from Staten Island to New York City each year. In some water dense areas like Venice or Canada, ferries make many stops and are sometimes called water taxis. Ferries are popular connectors because they are much cheaper to create and maintain than bridges and tunnels.

This is not the only service a ferry offers, however. Some people and companies utilize the ferry to ship automobiles and heavy equipment overseas. The Washington State Ferries will transport over ten million vehicles this year. There are ferry services all around the world, and they are an important of our transportation and economic infrastructure.

Because ferries are so important, it crucial for operators to employ captains who know what they are doing. The requirements to apply for most ferry captain positions are usually high and certainly involve a reasonable amount of licensing and experience. You will at least need your captain’s license to apply but a masters captain’s license is more likely to be the standard for larger ferries that transport millions of people and vehicles per year. These positions are the most prestigious and provide the best wages.

If you want to be a ferry captain, you can find the licensing and experience you need with the Mariners Learning System. Our USCG-approved courses are the best way to learn the necessary procedures and operations to be a successful captain. Our students enjoy a passing rate of over 98% and go on to do great things out on the water. From our Six Pack Captain’s License courses to the Master Captain’s online courses, you will have all that you need to find success on the water.

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