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Captain's Licensing Courses

Mariners Learning System offers a suite of six U.S. Coast Guard-approved online captain’s licensing courses, from “six pack” to master 25/50/100 ton licenses, that can be taken online in the comfort of home or on the road and at your own pace.

Learn About the Courses Available


Don’t Have the Necessary Time to sit in a Traditional Classroom to Earn Your Captain’s License?

The Easiest Way to Get Your Six Pack Captain's License

If You Have Your Master Captain’s License And Want to Sail….

Is There a Captain’s License Under Your Tree

So You Want To Be a Captain - Court Convictions and Assessment Periods

So You Want To Be a Captain - How to Earn Your Towing Endorsement

So You Want To Be a Captain – Licensing Qualifications and Application Requirements

So You Want To Be a Captain – Medical Disqualifiers

So You Want to Be a Captain - Putting Your License to Work

So You Want To Be a Captain - Some Literary Inspiration to Help Motivate You

So You Want To Be a Captain – Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC)

So You Want To Be A Captain - Where Can I Take My Captain’s License Exam?

Terms to Know for Your Captain's License

What They Don't Tell You About the Water When You Receive Your Captain's License

Why It's a Good Idea to Get A Captain's License

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