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Selling, Buying or Trading Boats

Get Accurate NADA Boat Values Quickly Online

Whether you're looking to buy a sleek powerboat, to sell your trusty old fishing boat or to trade one yacht for another, you'll have to have an accurate boat value to be sure you're getting the most out of the deal.

For boats, outboard motors or trailers, simply click the link at the bottom of the page to begin calculating their value. You'll be taken step by step through the process of choosing the model, selecting the features and calculating the most accurate low and high resale values.

NADA is one of the most trusted names in car and boat values. They collect resale information about hundreds of manufacturers and the sales transactions of thousands of boats annually. That's why we partnered with them to provide a quick and easy (and did we say free?) tool that allows you to instantly find the proper value for practically all used boats made between 1970 and last year.

We're delighted to provide this service to our online guests. By becoming a member of the American Boating Association, you'll receive more exclusive benefits. Get great deals on boat loans, boat insurance (including boat towing) and discounts and more can be yours for only $15 per year. Join over 30,000 fellow boaters who support ABA's mission to promote boating safety, affordability, growth, a clean environment – and fun! Get all the details of membership now! Want a free one-year membership in the ABA? We'll show you how to get yours.

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