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How To Catch Largemouth Bass

By Tim Lee

Six strategies for a good day's fishing

  • Largemouth Bass like plastic worms.
    Purchase a variety of colors from clear to bright and in varying shades. If fish don't seem to be biting on one color then switch for something lighter, and if they're still not biting, go for a worm darker than your original. Generally, it depends on the watercolor, time of day and temperature.
  • Largemouth Bass like man-made or natural structure
    So look for them around jetty pylons, tree fall and rock formations. They also like lots of weed so keep your eye out for a variety of spots.
  • Largemouth Bass like baitfish
    Herons like baitfish too. Look out for flocks of birds diving. Quite often where you find one you'll find the other.
  • Largemouth Bass like it quiet
    Fish in areas away from frenzied activity or at dawn before activities begin. Be aware though that some activity can be a bonus as the wake from passing boats can wash out the baitfish from their hiding places in the rocks and, therefore, attract the bass.
  • Largemouth Bass like deep water and shallow
    Keep a variety of deep-diving lures and surface lures in the tackle box depending on time of day, currents and water temperature.
  • Largemouth Bass like it cool
    Fish early in the day if possible. If the sun is high, aim for shaded areas.

To catch a Largemouth Bass light tackle with fast-retrieving lures is usually the best, and remember, once the fish is landed, the best method of preparation for cooking is to ice immediately.

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Article Source:http://ezinearticles.com

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