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Fly Fishing: A Perfect Family Past Time

By Shell Gellner

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living in the 21st century, many people have their eyes open for activities that provide a much-needed break from rushed routines. In this regard, when it comes to a sport that can be enjoyed by all members of a family, many people turn to fly-fishing. Fly-fishing has enjoyed continuous popularity with people of all ages -- from senior citizens to children who have barely learned to walk.

What many people do not realize is that fly-fishing is actually an ancient form of angling. In other words, fly-fishing has been around for thousands of years. Initially, fly-fishing was developed primarily by ancient peoples to catch trout and salmon. However, as the centuries progressed, fly-fishing came to be used to catch other types of fish, including carp, bass and pike. Indeed, in this day and age, fly-fishing as a technique even is used in saltwater fishing in certain circumstances.

The reason that so many people enjoy fly-fishing is really twofold or on two distinct levels. First of all, people obviously like actually taking off to a lake, pond or stream to cast for fish. However, a good many men, women and children also enjoy the preparatory process of making flies. For many people, fly tying is a much-loved activity.

The making of flies to be used in fly-fishing really has developed into something of a specialized art form. Certainly, the creation of flies has become an important hobby and past time enjoyed by people the world over. Over time, there have developed organizations dedicated to fly tying. Additionally, specialized schools favoring different types of fly tying have been created, drawing adherents from all across the globe.

During ancient times, fishers would craft flies using animal fur and bird feathers. Their goal was to create a fly that looked similar to insects and the like that fish naturally were attracted to as food. While the purpose of the handcrafted fly has not changed over time, the materials that are used to create flies have broadened greatly. In today's world, the materials that people use in the crafting of handmade flies are limited only by imagination.

A notable number of families actually plan an annual vacation or holiday trip around fly-fishing. They plot out travel plans that will take them to one or even several different fishing spots where they can spend truly quality time together fishing. In recent years, a number of resorts have been developed specifically for families who are interested in taking a fly fishing holiday.

With that said and when all is said and done, a family interested in fly-fishing does not need to plan a grand holiday to enjoy the sport. Rather, they can spend a perfect day casting about in a local lake, pond or stream and create truly appreciated, fond memories for all -- memories that will be cherished for years on end.

Written by Shell Gellner
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