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Lake Eufaula - "Bass Fishing Capital of the World!"

by Ed Majors

Lake Eufaula is a 45,181-acre reservoir located on the Chattahoochee River along the border of Alabama and Georgia. This U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir stretches from Phoenix City, Alabama, to the Walter F. George Dam at Ft. Gaines, Georgia.

Officially named Walter F. George Lake after a Georgia U.S. Senator, it has been called the "Bass Fishing Capital of the World." Lake Eufaula was completed in 1963, to provide electric power and aid in navigation on the Chattahoochee River and runs along the border of Alabama and Georgia.

Numerous public access areas, marinas, campgrounds, and parks are available to facilitate boating, fishing, picnics, and other outdoor activities. A fishing license is required if you are between 16 and 65 years of age if you are fishing with artificial bait and rod and reel.

If you like to fish in structure, meaning humps, flats and channels, this is your lake. Upstream there are numerous feeder creeks and major tributaries feeding this lake in addition to the Chattahoochee River itself. A good way to start out if you are not familiar with this large lake is to stay in the channel while you are running on the pad since it can be very dangerous for inexperienced boaters to navigate.

Anytime you see a lake like Lake Eufaula, with such world-renowned recognition for big bass, you can expect it to get pounded regularly by hopeful bass anglers from all over. At times (like during the spring season), there can be as many as a dozen or more bass tournaments on this lake on any given Saturday or Sunday. So try to hit it during mid-week to avoid some of the traffic and have a chance at the big one!

There is recent surge of two types of aquatic weeds growing throughout Lake Eufaula. Eurasian milfoil and Hydrilla are spreading throughout the lakes mid to lower portion every year. These weeds can grow during the winter season and in deep water. The good side is that anglers like it, bass like it and the small fish and crayfish the bass dine on like it. Milfoil and hydrilla weeds also hold bass during the middle portion of the day, making them easier to locate.

Give Lake Eufaula a try this year, you will like the results!

Ed is an avid bass fisherman from Birmingham, Alabama and operates a popular website devoted to bass fishing in Alabama. Visit him at www.bamabassfishing.com for more tips and techniques on bass fishing.

Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ed_Majors

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