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The Glories of a Fisherman's Life

By June Carr

I suppose you could say I'm fortunate, my house sits right by the river, and I can fish anytime I want. And since I work from home, things are even better, just yesterday I stopped working long enough to fish for lunch, caught a small mouth bass, then half an hour later was frying him for lunch, life is grand.

To me fishing is the most relaxing activity I can think of, it allows anyone to experience nature at its best, feel the wind on your face, the rocking of the boat, its man against nature, fishing is almost coded into our genetic makeup.

There are some who fish for a living, others who consider it a pleasurable hobby, others still who spend hard earned cash on the latest rod, reel, lure or fishing tackle. Of course, what they spend or how they spend their money is their choice; and since those choices are many; baits, lures, rods and reels, fishing tackle, fishing boats and more, there'll always be a ready market.

While I'm not a professional fishermen by any means, (it's simply a hobby for me), I do know a thing or two about fishing equipment, so this is the perfect place to begin your search or education.

One of the most popular forms of fishing is bass fishing, with literally boxes full of lures, tackle, baits and rods, each touting "I'm the best, buy me". I have a friend who's the consummate fisherman, (which is open for interpretation), and fishes everywhere from the creek out back to the Atlantic Ocean. One things though I never understood was his buying the latest and greatest lure, only to use it once, then bury it at the bottom of his tackle box.

If you're this type of angler, be cautious when you walk the aisle of your local tackle shop, since every imaginable type of fishing accessory is yours for the taking, assuming you have the cash to spend.

One of my favorite parts of the tackle store is the lures, and you'll find weekend anglers browsing the aisles like kids in a candy store. That isn't said with malice, since I'm as guilty as anyone. In fact, I'll walk the same aisles, wondering if this lure or that rod will make me as good a fisherman as my buddy.

If you're a fisherman's wife wondering what all the fuss is about, think of it this way, could you bake a cake without the right ingredients. Maybe, but it probably wouldn't taste right and the same analogy is true with fishing, using the right type of lure, can help you catch the type of fish you want.

Lures are intended for specific situations, and they might change depending on the time of day, weather or water. While this may complicated to the novice, to an experienced fishermen it's akin to a mechanic choosing the right tool for the job.

Lures are simply a good way to catch a particular type of fish. It's fairly easy to arouse the attention of a fish, but getting them to take the bait is another story. If you throw something in the water, chances are you'll get a fish to at least swim in that direction, but if the proper or isn't used built quickly lose interest. Couple this with the season of the year, water and weather conditions and there is much to consider.

If you're reading this and you're not a seasoned fisherman, you might think this is a lot to consider for a simple fish, however, the longer you fish, the more intuitive you'll become. Eventually without even thinking you'll know exactly which type of lure to use, and you soon you'll be holding up a trophy fish.

Teach a man to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime, teach that man's wife to be patient, and you'll have a long and happy marriage.

If you're a fishermen (person) in heart and you'd like to know or learn more, visit us at http://www.fishingtacklesite.net/ for terrific deals and stories of "The One That Got Away"... We're fishing and nothing else.

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