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Trout Fishing - Effective Trout Fishing Strategies

By Trevor Kugler

One of the most enjoyable forms of fishing is trout fishing. When you think of trout fishing you think of cold clear water, rivers and streams, mountains, fresh air, and tranquility. All of these things are aspects of trout fishing and in this article I'm going to outline some very effective trout fishing tips and strategies for catching more trout.

Many times when you think of trout you also tend to think of fly fishing. This is not the case for me. To me trout fishing has nothing to do with waving feathers in the air, but rather using ultra light spinning gear. My mentor taught me the trout strategies outlined in this article and he had a deep seeded distain for fly fishing (or flea flicking as he often called it). In any case, these strategies are for spin fishing, and more importantly ultra light spin fishing.

1. Fish At The Proper Times - When it comes to trout, being on the water when the trout are the most active can make all the difference in the world. This can be accomplished by learning the simple ways the weather and moon affect fishing and planning your fishing trips accordingly. Planning your trips like this will ensure that you're fishing at the proper times. The bottom line is that these two forces of Mother Nature have as much to do with you catching trout as the kind of bait or lure you choose to use.

2. Use A Fishing Vest - For trout a fishing vest is of the utmost importance. Most times trout fishing is done in rivers and streams while wading. This means that you need all of your lures, hooks, terminal tackle, bait, and other fishing gear in one convenient place that doesn't have to be carried. This is where a fishing vest comes into play. When trout fishing a fishing vest is a "must have" item.

3. Use Gang Hooks For Live Bait - Live bait is very effective for trout and there is no better way to present live bait than gang hooks. This is especially true when fishing with live worms. There is no better way to rig live worms as bait that with a set of gang hooks. As a matter of fact, when it comes to trout fishing gang hooks should most certainly be a part of your repertoire.

4. Free Your Hands Of Unnatural Odors - Trout have very sensitive noses and any unnatural odors on your hands will transfer to you bait or lure and cost you bites when trout fishing. This is why you want to make sure that your hands are free of unnatural odors. The easiest way to accomplish this tak is to grab a handful of grass or dirt before baiting up and rub it into your hands.

These trout fishing strategies have been helping me catch more trout for more than 25 years. They will be just as helpful to you if you use them, so give them a shot sooner rather than later.

Gang Hooks Tied & Ready To Fish: http://www.jrwfishing.com/how_to_use_gang_hooks.asp

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Trevor_Kugler

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