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What Are Your Alaska Fishing Lodge Options?

by Chonticha Marijne

When most people think 'fishing lodge', their imagination conjures up visions of a tiny log cabin stuck in the middle of nowhere, with or without the amenity of an outhouse nearby. But to be honest, an Alaska fishing lodge can be that, a rustic resort, or anything in between.
When thinking about venturing north to fish for salmon, trout, halibut or any other of the dozens of species that swim in the hundreds of thousand of square miles of Alaska's lakes, rivers, tributaries and streams, not to mention her Pacific coastline, the first thing to do is figure out where you want to stay. Alaska offers a wealth of lodging opportunities in a myriad of price ranges. Do you want to rough it or spend fishing down time being pampered and catered to? It's all up to you, because Alaska has everything you could want, and more.

While Alaska does have her fair share of rustic, one-room cabins tucked away in the depths of forests, hundreds of miles from nowhere, she also offers some of the best in world-class resort lodges that will cater to your finer tastes when it comes to dining, entertainment and good old fashioned pampering. That includes spas, massages, facials and steam rooms. Most people venturing to Alaska don't really care about all the amenities, and are perfectly happy and content with a roof over their head and an outhouse, or not. But fishing isn't just for guys anymore. Women from around the world also love to fish, and do so independently, in pairs or in larger groups. The Alaskan tourist and sporting industry has recognized that fact and offers all kinds of lodging choices to visitors from the lower forty-eight as well as around the world.

Sure, Alaska fishing lodges come in the rustic log style, but they also crop up in designs that can be found around the world. If you're not interested in rolling into that well-used sleeping bag, you might want to opt for soft mattresses at any number of three- and four-star hotels available around any larger city and lake within the state. Room service, fine dining, and entertainment choices for visitors vie with the natural beauty to be found outdoors, and many are pressed to decide which they prefer best. Fishing in Alaska is a unique opportunity that doesn't happen to everyone, so when your time comes, take full advantage.

Many fishing lodges offer tours, guides and equipment for both novice and expert anglers, as well as a number of favorite fishing spots for their guests to try out. Launching a trip into the interior of Alaska can also be arranged from many fishing resorts around the state. Price ranges for guided side-trips can cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars per person, and can include horseback riding into fishing camps or 4-wheeling it in, or even canoeing. If you find yourself tempted to take one of these side trips offered by an Alaska fishing lodge, just make sure that you know and are ready for fishing laws and permits necessary to ensure a safe, fun and productive trip.

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